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Scene 1
Krisha comes outisde the house and finds Virendra in the car. Gaj comes there and scolds Virendra for sitting in his car but Virendra takes the keys from him and says I know how to ride a car. Gaj says you can’t drive a car. Virendra says do you remember how you wanted to learn to drive and I made you learn it. Gaj laughs and says I bumped the car but you still kept teaching me. You are remembering everything. He hugs him. Krisha smiles and says if Gaj knows that he is remembering his past then it will be a problem. She says it’s time for his medicine, Virendra leaves from there. Gaj tells Krisha that he was trying to recall the past but you had to stop him? Krisha says don’t tell anyone that he is remembering everything. Gaj says you don’t want to give up the power right? You are being greedy but I am not a fool. he leaves from there. Krisha thinks he can’t tell Jaya about Virendra recalling memories.

Jaya meets Gaj. Krisha spies on them. Jaya tells Gaj that I don’t trust Krisha handling everything and having all the power. It won’t benefit anyone, if she has all the power then we will be thrown out of the house soon. We have to raise voice against Krisha, don’t you think? Krisha thinks if Jaya’s plan works then Virendra’s life will be in danger. Gaj laughs at Jaya and says I can’t trust Krisha but you are worst. Krisha might be greedy but you are a snake. You want my support now that you have lost power? We are not one, I am a Rathore but you are a nobody so don’t waste my time. He leaves from there. Krisha is happy that he didn’t trust Jaya.

Virendra is in his room when someone comes there in a viel. He gets scared and screams. Krisha hears that and goes to his room. She finds a woman in the veil running away and goes behind her but the woman runs away. Krisha comes to Virendra and asks what happened? Virendra is shivering and says she will kill me. Krisha calms him down and asks who was that woman? Virendra says I don’t know.

Scene 2
Krisha thinks that woman might be someone who had tortured Virendra before. I have to find her today.

Dev comes back home so Krisha hugs him. Dev hugs her and smiles. Krisha says you have forgiven me so please talk to me. Dev says I can’t be angry with you a lot but promise me that you won’t hide anything from me anymore? Krisha thinks I am hiding a lot from him but I can’t tell him. Dev says I will go and meet papa. Krisha thinks he can’t find out that Virendra is getting his memory back. She tries to stop him but he hears Virendra crying and runs to him. He puts him on the bed. Krisha finds a photo there. The photo is of Virendra and the woman. Krisha takes photo from there.

Jaya comes to Ugra and Naina’s room. She says I gave you money to spy on Krisha. She is planning to throw us out soon and you have to find out what she is up to. If you don’t find out what she is up to then I will take my money back with mark up. She leaves from there. Ugra says we have to do something.

Krisha shows the photo to Minakshi and says I saw a woman outside Virendra’s room. Who is she? Minakshi looks at the photo and says she was our most loyal servant but she left when Jaya came here. Maybe Jaya had thrown her out of the house. Krisha says she must know something, where would she be? Minakshi says I don’t know but I know someone who can find her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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