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Scene 1
A servant tells Krisha that Vamika removed all your decorations from the mandir. Krisha comes there and is shocked. She says God is with me so she can’t do anything. She was trying to tell me something before Minakshi came.

Jaya talks to Dev and says I always dreamed of you becoming a king but you fell in love with a normal girl and you can’t be eligible to become a king now. Aarav will become a king now but does he deserve it? Dev says he will marry Vamika who is a nice girl. Are you disappointed that I fell in love with Krisha? Jaya says I can never be disappointed in you. They hear a scream and come to find Vamika drowning in the pool. Dev jumps in and saves her. Vamika smirks at Krisha who recalls challenging her. Krisha thinks she can never separate Dev from me. Jaya notices all that and smirks. Dev asks Vamika to wake up, Minakshi asks if she is fine? Latika goes from there. Vamika wakes up and coughs. She says I was walking near the pool and fell down. Latika says there is an oil bottle here. Krisha says it’s mine. Jaya says Krisha you did a mistake, Vamika could have drowned. Vamika thinks I fell down in the pool deliberately so how did Jaya know that there was oil here? Minakshi says Krisha is jealous of her. Krisha says I am not, in fact she wants to snatch Dev from me. Vamika says what are you saying? I can never think like that. Krisha says she challenged to snatch Dev from me. Jaya asks Krisha to stop it, she hugs Vamika and says I am with you, don’t worry. Jaya thinks Vamika will be my weapon to separate Krisha and Dev. Vamika says I don’t know why Krisha hates me but I am scared of water, I can call my doctor. Krisha says you are a liar. Dev says end this matter here, Vamika needs to rest now. He leaves from there. Vamika smirks at Krisha, all leave. She tells Krisha you are giving your husband to me so I will tell you the truth. She gives her a file and leaves. Krisha reads in the file that if a prince marries a normal girl then he can’t become a king. Krisha says so Dev can’t become a king because of me? She thinks Dev deserves to become a King but I am stone in that step.

Vamika comes to Jaya and says you are playing chess alone? Are you scared of losing? Jaya says let’s play with you today. She asks Vamika who is she? You are hiding your real face. Vamika says you are also playing a game, what’s your true face? You were helping me against Krisha, why? Jaya says you want Dev but you are playing like this? Dev is blinded by Krisha’s love so you have to remove her from your path. Vamika says you will help me but why? Jaya says I have seen your swimming photos online so I know you were lying today. What if the family finds those photos? I made them delete those photos so don’t worry. We both want Krisha to be gone so let’s work together.

Dev talks to Krisha and says Vamika is our responsibility but you questioned her character. Krisha says she challenged me. Dev says she is going to get married to Aarav so why would she do that? Krisha says Vamika is not important, you lied to me. Dev says what? Krisha asks if he lost the right to become a king after marrying her? Won’t you become a king because of me? Dev says I don’t want to answer you. Krisha says promise on my name if it’s the truth? Dev looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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