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Scene 1
Vamika tells Jaya that she wants Dev but why are you helping me as Krisha respects you a lot. Jaya says she is a middle-class girl and my Dev can’t become a king because of her so I want her gone. Vamika says I want Dev and not Aarav but how will we handle Aarav? Jaya says don’t worry about that. Just promise me that you will do everything I say and nobody should find out about the deal. Vamika sits at her feet and says I promise you that I will never open my mouth, just make Dev mine. Jaya says you will soon wear Dev’s mangalsutra.

Krisha asks Dev if he can’t become a king because of marrying her? Dev looks away and says yes. Krisha cries and says you can’t pay this price for loving me. Dev wipes her tears and says it doesn’t matter if Aarav becomes the king, he is my brother so I will always guide him. Krisha says Aarav is nice but.. Dev hugs her and says I will always choose you over anything else. My life is with you. Krisha says but it was your father’s dream to make you a king, you can’t fulfill his dream because of me. Dev says it’s okay and hugs her.

Jaya comes to Virendar and asks him to wake up, she says I will separate Krisha and Dev now. She makes him eat bitter things and asks Latika to get the papers ready so she can become a queen.

Dev makes Krisha wear a ring and says nothing can separate us. Vamika comes there and says sorry for coming between you both. Dev says it’s okay. Vamika thanks Dev for saving her life. Dev says you are my responsibility, I hope you have forgiven Krisha for things she said. Vamika says it’s not her fault, she didn’t know about my phobia. Let’s forget everything. She hugs Krisha and says you are a nice couple. Vamika says I understand Krisha’s feelings, if my husband was like Dev then I would be possessive too. Krisha says Aarav is no less. Vamika says yes.

Aarav is talking to Aditi on the call and says I will marry you so just give me some time. Krisha comes there and asks if he is talking about marriage? Aarav says yes, I was talking to a friend. Krisha asks if he has chosen Vamika and forgotten Aditi? Aarav says I am trying. Krisha says you don’t even know her favorite color. Aarav says I am trying but I need time. He thinks I can’t tell her that I will marry Aditi only. He leaves. Krisha thinks I know he is trying but Vamika doesn’t care about him so I won’t let her cheat him. Krisha leaves. Minakshi hears all that and says I need to prepare for the engagement ceremony fast.

Krisha looks at herself in the mirror and finds her mangalsutra gone. She looks around and gets worried. She prays to Lord to help her in finding it. She finds the decorations changed in the mandir and says who did it? Vamika comes there and says I did it, sometimes change in life is good. Your life is going to change soon so you should be prepared. She shows her the mangalsutra that she took when she hugged Krisha. Krisha says give it back to me. Vamika says I loved Dev but now I want to become his wife, this is my mangalsutra so you should give it to me. Krisha says this mangalsutra and Dev are mine so give it back. Vamika says I am a real princess and I will get what I want. You can compromise like all middle-class people do. Krisha says you didn’t get a good upbringing even after being a princess so you don’t deserve either Dev or Aarav. Vamika says Dev is mine and I will throw you of his life. Krisha shouts at her that I will do anything to protect Dev from you, I will even walk on coals for Dev. Vamika breaks some glass and says if you want your mangalsutra then walk on the glass and take it. Krisha says just watch me now. Krisha starts walking on the glass barefoot and cries in pain. Vamika smirks at her. She comes up to Vamika and grabs her hand. She takes the mangalsutra from her and says don’t even try to look at my Dev. Vamika says I know you will cry that I took your mangalsutra. Krisha says I don’t need anyone else to fight you. Vamika says I promise to make Dev mine soon. Krisha laughsa nd says we will see when you lose.

The episode ends.

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