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Sapna taunts Purab for supporting his mother suddenly as he was against his mother for years. Veena says that is because he knows what is right. Purab signs Sagar and says even today he is not on mom’s side and I’m on your side as you’re the one who made our house as home so thank you and sorry for not giving you importance.

Sagar says we are in this position because of Veena aunty’s hard work. Both fight each other. Thapki stops them saying everyone is equal in the house that’s what Dadi wanted to say so please forget the differences. Veena and Sapna leave to their rooms. Vinod asks them to give sometime to Sapna and Veena.

Sagar is about to hug Purab telling him his thoughts are more mature than him. Purab stops him telling him he can’t forgive him until Priyanka forgives him. Sagar asks Thapki to forgive him. Thapki asks him to seek forgiveness from Preethi. Sagar apologises to Preethi. Preethi leaves asking them to take care of Dadi. Priyanka leaves. Sagar follows her. Ashok leaves asking Thapki to take care of herself. Thapki asks Vinod to take a rest. He agrees.

Thapki comes to their room and she tells him he is worried about Dadi’s health. Purab asks how he knows what she feels. Thapki says we are together and we can unite this family and she makes him smile by tickling her. He chases her. She falls in his hand. Both have an eye lock. Thapki tells him she is not scared to fall as she knows he holds her. He is about to kiss her but she stops him and is about to leave. He holds her which breaks her zip. Thapki leaves telling him she will see him later.

Thapki asks Veena to control herself to take care of family members. Veena says everyone hates me as I failed to fulfill my responsibilities. Thapki says she is not. Veena asks if she didn’t listen to Purab’s words. Thapki says it’s Purab’s idea to make you end your fight, that’s why he joined Sagar to make you guys know that two are important in this house. Purab comes there and tells Thapki is correct and tells her how he is proud of her and apologises to her for not understanding her for so many years.

Thapki comes to Sapna and asks her why she didn’t come to have food with her family. Sapna says there is no family. Veena comes there and apologises to Sapna and asks her to make her learn how to take care of their family. Sapna apologises to Veena and tells her that she is proud of her. Then she apologises to Thapki. Priyanka also apologises to her. Both hug eachother. Priyanka says I’m not feeling apologetic for not revealing your truth to family otherwise we may not get you. Purab shouts telling Dadi gains consciousness. Veena and Sapna ask how is she. Dadi tells them they are sides of the coin and both are important.

Dadi apologises to them. Sapna and Veena ask her to not feel sad as it’s their mistake. Dadi feels happy and tells them that she can happily die anytime. Purab and Thapki ask her to not talk about death. Dadi says she won’t die as she wishes to see Sargam recovery, Thapki and Purab marriage, and Priyanka and Sagar’s son. She asks family members to organise pooja for their family’s happiness. Everyone agrees.

Precap will be added later.

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