The attacker who fired at the Brooklyn station in America has been identified, police released a photo

Police released the number
While sharing the picture of the accused and other information on behalf of the US Police, people have been told that, if there is any kind of information about this person, then Notify the police immediately. For this, the police has also released its number, on which the information of the accused can be given. 

10 people were shot
Earlier New York police reported that an empty U-hall van was found in Brooklyn, whose information and license plate number match that of the vehicle. , which was being sought in connection with the shooting at a subway station on Tuesday. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, April 12, an attacker wearing a gas mask shot at least 10 people after leaving smoke on a subway train in Brooklyn. After the firing, there was chaos in the entire station. People were seen running to save their lives. Eyewitnesses said that the train was full of smoke. There was blood everywhere and people’s cries could be heard. After this firing, at least 29 people were admitted to the hospital due to bullet injuries, smoke filling and other problems. The condition of five of them was stated to be critical.

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