The bride danced on the Bhojpuri song by climbing on the stage, she was blown away on the song ‘Patli Kamraiya Mori’

Dulhan Ka Dance Video: Whether it is wedding season or not, but there is a series of videos related to wedding functions on social media. In these videos, sometimes the banging entry of the bride and groom steals the heart, and sometimes the heart-wrenching dance makes people crazy about them. Recently, one such video is attracting everyone’s attention on the internet. In the video, a lovely bride is seen standing on the stage and dancing to Bhojpuri songs. You too will be forced to watch this video in loop again and again. The bride and the dance are really more than one in the video.

watch video here

The video is of a wedding ceremony, where the bride standing on the stage is seen dancing fiercely on the famous Bhojpuri song ‘Patli Kamraiya Mori’. In the beginning of the video, it can be seen that the bride is standing alone on the stage, while some of her relatives are standing below the stage in front of her. Meanwhile, as soon as the Bhojpuri song ‘Patli Kamaraiya Mori’ plays, everyone starts dancing one after the other.

This video was shared on the social media platform Instagram on January 1 with an account named @meerakumawat2. This video is being watched and liked a lot. More than 12 thousand people have watched this video so far. Users who have seen the video are giving different reactions on it. One user wrote, ‘Well, my dear sister.’ Another user wrote, ‘Good dance.’ Another user wrote, ‘Awesome.’

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