The bridge has been swinging in the air for the last one year in Basti, people forced to travel risking their lives

Basti: After the accident in Morbi, Gujarat, the government has now become serious about the bridges. Dilapidated bridges are being monitored. The government is also constantly trying to fix them. But there is such a pool in Basti district, which has been swinging in the air for the last one year. People climb this mountain bridge with the help of jugaad and risk their lives to reach their destination.

The speed of the bridge being constructed in Baijupurwa village of Sadar tehsil has stopped. The work of this pool has stopped since last one year, due to which this bridge of Setu Nigam, which is being built at a cost of crores, is swinging in the air. Some jugaad engineers of the village have made an approach to climb and descend by making a net of bars on both sides of the pool swinging in the air. People are forced to come and go through this bridge risking their lives. In the year 2021, the construction work of the bridge was started by the Setu Nigam at a cost of 13.78 crores to provide relief to the people of the village. The work of this pool is almost completed, but the approach road for climbing and landing on it is yet to be completed.

There is no talk between the farmers and the officials regarding the compensation
The farmers started disputing the compensation regarding the land which was to be acquired for making the approach. The officials of Setu Nigam talked to the farmers many times regarding the amount of compensation, but the matter did not work out. Due to which the pool is forced to hang in the air for one year. Not only this, due to the non-completion of the work, the common people themselves came forward and made the approach road of the incomplete bridge with jugaad. He is now traveling with the help of this. With the construction of this bridge, the distance of the people of the nearby villages will be reduced by 10 to 15 kilometers, and people will be able to easily use this pool being built directly on the Kuano river, leaving their village to come to the township headquarters.

Farmers are demanding more compensation than the circle rate
On the other hand, when asked about the non-functioning of the pool, SDM Shailesh Dubey of Sadar Tehsil said that the farmers There is constant talk about compensation. There are about 6 to 8 farmers whose land is coming in the approach road of the pool. Farmers are talking about compensation. They want more compensation than the circle rate.  The dispute will be resolved by talking to them, and soon the work of the approach road of the bridge will be completed.

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