The countdown for the local body elections has now started in Uttar Pradesh. UP Municipal Election 2022 | UP News

Countdown to the local body elections has now started in Uttar Pradesh… The State Election Commission has issued election symbols regarding the body elections… in which unrecognized parties have 197 election symbols… while 18 are recognized. Symbols have been reserved for recognized parties… Although Subhaspa, Praspa and Apna Dal have not been kept in the list of recognized parties… Candidates of these parties will be given separate symbols… Tell you Give that all election symbols including double bread, bucket, calculator, cauliflower, carrom board, CCTV camera, slippers, computer, crane dish antenna, drill machine, football envelope, ginger, gramophone, green chili, helmet, jackfruit for unrecognized parties For independent candidates, gun, motorcycle, electric bulb, shovel are also included in the election symbol. are included. 

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