The crisis deepens in Sri Lanka, due to lack of fuel, the government closed schools and government offices for a week.

Sri Lanka: In Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis, the government has announced the closure of government offices for a week from Monday. According to the information, the fuel crisis is getting deeper in the island country, due to which this decision has been taken. Sri Lanka’s education ministry has asked all government and government-recognized private school teachers in Colombo city to conduct online classes from next week in the backdrop of power supply problems. 

Sri Lanka’s acute shortage of essentials

‘newsfirst dot lk’ The emergency project, to be launched in July as a support mechanism for the government’s agriculture campaign, will be headed by Army Commander Lt Gen Vikum Lianage, according to a report published on Thursday. Army Chief Major General Jagat Kodithuvakku will oversee the entire project.

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