The date of marriage was fixed, the cards were printed, then something happened that the daughter’s house was broken before settling down.

Nawada: While Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is campaigning for dowry-free marriage in Bihar, on the other hand, dowry greedy people should carry out various inhuman incidents in the greed of money. are. The latest case is of Nawada district of the state, where in the affair of more dowry, the groom is breaking the fixed relationship and getting his son married to another girl. The matter is of the city police station area of ​​the district.

Eight lakh rupees were given in dowry

The information received is Amusar, a resident of Mohiuddinpur village of the said police station. The marriage of Ramroop Mahto’s daughter Nibha Kumari was fixed with Satish Kumar, son of Talkeshwar Prasad alias Lattu Mahto, a resident of Chintawandih of Barachatti police station area of ​​Gaya district. Eight lakh rupees were given as dowry in the marriage, after which the date of marriage was fixed. The date of marriage was fixed on June 24, after which the people of the girl’s side printed the card and started distributing it among the relatives.

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