The ‘genie’ of the land became trouble for Hemant Soren, BJP made a plan to remove the government

Raghuvar Das Vs Hemant Soren: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has faced serious allegations. It is being claimed that a Chief Minister himself applied for about 1 acre of land and got it allotted from his department. This land belongs to stone quarry in Anagada area, just 30 km from Ranchi, in which the address of the applicant is Hemant Soren. The area authorities also gave approval for the allotment of land and the entire matter was settled in three to four months. In Hemant Soren’s application, it was said that the land should be allotted to him, this land belongs to the stone quarry.

The matter has reached the High Court

However, the question is whether the mistake in the documents has been done to hide the truth from the Election Commission. The land was with the CM from 2008 to 2018, in which he himself was the CM during 2013-2014. However, at that time this land was not surrendered. If any person holds such a post, then he has to dissociate himself from all his work and business within two months. At the same time, the party has said that Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren did not do anything like this. On the basis of the documents revealed in RTI, this matter has now reached the Jharkhand High Court. The court has sent two notices, one to Hemant Soren as a citizen and the other to the administration. To ask the administration how much truth is there in these documents, the answer is still awaited.

The CM’s family is also accused

BJP has now taken to the road regarding this matter. From the protest, the report has been submitted to the Governor. The Governor has also sent the report to the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Hemant Soren is not alone in this whole matter, questions have also been raised on his wife Kalpana Soren. He is also accused of allotting 11 acres of land to the company that his wife runs. Similar allegations have also been leveled against Hemant’s younger brother Basant Soren. The whole family is surrounded by various allegations at this time. BJP, which has sounded the election bugle, is now on the way and demanding the resignation of Hemant Sorene, sometimes considering to intensify its strategy to sack the government. 

what did the cabinet minister say Alamgir

party has also given this clarification

This is the allegation of the former CM

Lawyer made this claim

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