The glamorous look of the actress who broke Pawan Singh’s heart in Yaad Aati Nahin will not be lost sight of, PICS are adorable

Although Priyanka Khera belongs to the Punjabi music industry, but these days her name has come into the limelight with Pawan Singh. Actually, she has performed in Bhojpuri star’s Hindi music album and the new song ‘Yaad Aati Nahi’ (Yaad Aati Nahi) of both is being well-liked. This is an emotional song in which the actors fall in love with a Punjabi actress but she cheats on them. After this Pawan Singh’s heart breaks but his girlfriend does not care at all about her old boyfriend. However, here we are showing you some beautiful pictures of Priyanka. Apart from Khera Music Song, she is also in discussion about her sizzling look.

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