The grandmother of the girl caught with a gun in Mainpuri made serious allegations

Karishma, a girl caught by the Mainpuri Police of Uttar Pradesh, is a resident of Phulwadi in Firozabad. The story of Karishma’s family is very complicated. Actually Karishma’s mother Kusma Yadav shot and killed Karishma’s father Puran Singh Yadav on 8 February 2021 because Puran Singh Yadav had illicit relations with a woman, and then Karishma’s mother Kusma committed suicide by shooting herself. Lee.

After the death of both, no one has argued in this case because Karishma’s father Puran Singh was murdered by her mother and the mother committed suicide by shooting herself, so the case was over.

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Why does Karishma keep a gun and cartridges?

But the question arises that why does Karishma keep a pistol and cartridges, if it is talked about keeping Karishma’s pistol, then Karishma’s father Puran Singh has left a lot of property, and the family’s eyes are also on Karishma’s property. Her younger sister Tanu also lives with her.

Charisma is not made with anyone in her family. Not even her grandmother, so she was going to her maternal uncle’s house in Rathera village under Mainpuri police station Dannahar area, when she had a pistol and the police caught her during checking.

If we talk about Karishma’s grandmother, she is making serious allegations against her, her grandmother alleges that Karishma shot her parents dead, and she does not listen to anyone, today she pointed a gun at her maternal uncle That’s why her uncle got her caught, even if she listens to us, we will not keep her with us.

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