The groom arrived in Motihari with a band, the marriage took place, at the time of farewell, the baraati became hostage to one thing

Motihari: The bridegroom, his father and the baraati, who came for marriage in a village under Turkaulia police station area of ​​East Champaran, have been held hostage for two days. This matter came to light on Friday. The procession had come in three vehicles. The driver was also taken hostage. The procession came on the night of 16 November. For two days, initiatives are being taken to end the dispute at the local level, but nothing happened. After this, the boy’s side filed an application in Turkaulia police station and pleaded for his release.

It is told that the marriage of Suraj Baitha of Ahwar Sheikh village of Majhaulia police station area of ​​West Champaran district was fixed in a village of Turkaulia police station area of ​​Motihari. The procession came on November 16. After the marriage was over, there was a dispute during the farewell ceremony. It is being said that the groom demanded a medical examination of the bride, after which all this ruckus happened. The people of the girl’s side got angry and then everyone was taken hostage. The girl’s family started demanding compensation for the expenses incurred in the marriage.

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