The history of this chair of power in Beawar is unique, till date no chairman could complete his tenure.

Rajasthan News: Beawar Municipal Council in Rajasthan has the distinction of being the first city council of the state. The history of this city council, established in the year 1842, has been unique. Till date, no chairman could complete the term of five years here. Whether BJP or Congress has become the board of any party, the leader sitting on the post of chairman was either removed by bringing a no-confidence motion or he succumbed to corruption.

the first chairman was removed

1994-1999: On 29 November 1994, Dungar Singh Sankhla of BJP was elected as the chairman for the first time. His tenure lasted till 9 March 1999. He resigned and left. After this, Kajodmal Khandelwal of BJP was the caretaker chairman from 10 March to 29 April 1999. From 30 April 1999 to 27 November 1999, Mukesh Solanki of Congress took over as the chairman. 

1999-2004: On 28 November 1999, Pramod Sankhla of Congress became the chairman. He remained in the post till 22 July 2004. He was suspended by the government. From 23 July 2004 to 27 November 2004, Congress’s Tara Jhanwar was the President.

4 women presidents in 5 years

the elected president went to jail

these women president was also jailed

On 26 November 2014, BJP President Babita Chauhan took over the power of the council. She was caught taking bribe on 8 August 2018. The ACB team also arrested her husband BJP leader Narendra Chauhan and middleman Shivprasad. After this, Shashi Solanki of BJP was the caretaker chairman from 30 August 2018 to 25 December 2018. On completion of their term, Congress came to power in the state.

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now removed

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