The incident in Poland reminds us of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the devastation was about to start at the press of a button.

The world is currently sitting on the verge of a nuclear crisis. Many countries have nuclear weapons. In such a situation, the sound of the third world war cannot be denied even if there is a slight tension. One such moment came this week on November 15. When the news of Russia’s missile falling on Nato country Poland came in the midst of Russia-Ukraine war. The matter became serious since then. People began to feel that now NATO countries will also jump into the war between Russia and Ukraine. Under these circumstances, the third world war was bound to happen. This incident of only two days revived the memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis 60 years ago in the mind of the world. It is important to know here that what was the Cuban Missile Crisis, remembering which the world still shivers. Even then, like today, Russia was at the center of this issue, but then it was not Russia but the Soviet Union. 

Why Poland reminds us of the Cuban crisis

On one hand, the G20 summit was going on in Bali, Indonesia from 15 to 16 November. At the same time, the news of Russia’s missile falling on Nato country Poland came. Poland’s Foreign Ministry had confirmed that the missile had fallen in Prajevodo village, 6 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, in which two people were killed. Country’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki took immediate action. Keeping the Polish army on high alert regarding this, an emergency meeting of the National Security Council was also called.

Poland also talked about it being a Russian missile. Due to this the matter became serious. In a hurry, the Russian ambassador was summoned to Warsaw. However, this missile was clearly denied by Russia. On the other hand, Russia told about making false allegations against Poland. The situation reached such an extent that the world leaders who reached the G20 held an emergency meeting.

In this, powerful western countries under the chairmanship of US President Joe Biden participated. If US President Biden does not act wisely at this time, then the possibility of a third world war cannot be ruled out. In the meeting, he said that he is investigating this matter with the NATO allies. He handled the matter by saying that it was unlikely that the missile was fired by Russia.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky kept saying that there is a missile fired from Russia on Ukraine’s capital Ukraine which has fallen on Poland. However, later Poland clearly denied the indications of deliberate firing of this missile from Russia. If the matter was not resolved on time, the possibility of third world war could not be ruled out during the G20 summit being held under the shadow of Russia-Ukraine conflict. A similar situation arose in the world in 1962 when the threat of nuclear war arose, which is still known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

When Russia and America came face to face

The year 1962 is such that it cannot be forgotten. By that time the Soviet Union had not disintegrated and Russia was no different from it. This was the period of the Cold War and at that time the Cuban Missile Crisis had arisen due to the tussle between the Soviet Union, Cuba and the US. Cuba is a small island near America. The attachment of this communist country remained with the Soviet Union i.e. USSR and it continued to help it financially.

Due to the ideology of the Soviet Union, this country has always been in opposition to America. Seeing its geographical proximity to America, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev decided to make this country a military cantonment. Under this, the USSR deployed nuclear missiles here in the year 1962 and America, the world’s most powerful country, came under their control.

On October 14, American reconnaissance aircraft got information about these missiles deployed in the neighboring country of Cuba. What was it then, sensing the danger, America came into alert mode. America fielded its warships to intercept USSR ships coming from Cuba.

This confrontation between these two powerful countries increased restlessness in the whole world. Due to these two superpowers standing against each other in this way, the threat of nuclear war was looming over the world. It seemed that at any moment the third world war could start in the world. History names this moment of anxiety and fear the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The US provoked the USSR

It is not that the Soviet Union has taken this dangerous step against America just like that. Actually America had instigated USSR for this. Before 1962, America had deployed more than 100 missiles against USSR in 1958 followed by Britain in Turkey and Italy in 1961. This was a period when the Cold War was at its peak.

In such a situation, when America saw a line of missiles in the neighboring country Cuba in more than 900 photographs taken by reconnaissance aircraft, it started retaliating without delay. Then the President of America was John F. Kennedy. On his orders, the US Navy besieged Cuba.

This obstructed the path of missiles coming from the USSR towards Cuba. As a result, the Soviet Union and America agreed to hold talks on this issue.  US President John F. Kennedy sent a message of negotiation to the Soviet Union on October 28, 1962, and the famous Nikita Khrushchev of that era agreed to remove missiles from Cuba. However, Khrushchev had removed these missiles from Cuba in lieu of two conditions. He told America not to attack Cuba and to remove American missiles stationed in Turkey.

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