The love of a young age, expressed in eyes and eyes, was like Elizabeth and Philip’s love

Elizabeth & Philip Love Story: Queen Elizabeth II (Queen Elizabeth) ruled the throne of Britain for 70 years, but the age of her love was much older. Elizabeth and her husband Philip maintained a marriage relationship for 74 years. As happy as the married life of Elizabeth and Philip was, their love story was also no less than a fairy tale.

This love story begins in the year 1939… Then Elizabeth was just 13 years old when she first saw Prince Philip, Prince of Greece and Denmark. At that time Philip was 18 years old. This meeting took place at the Royal Naval College in London, where Elizabeth went with her mother. Philip was then working hard to make a career in the Royal Navy. It was love at first sight. Elizabeth was in awe of Philip on seeing him. Both of them looked at each other and then did not keep anyone in their eyes for whole life.

Elizabeth used to be shy on seeing Philip

Elizabeth became the strength of Philip who went to war

Prince Philip proposes to Elizabeth for marriage

Both married on November 20, 1947

Many people objected to their marriage

Love demands sacrifice. Philip rejected the Greek and Danish monarchies to marry Elizabeth. However, many people also objected to the marriage of both. Many people believed that Prince Philip was German and Greek and that he would not be right for Elizabeth, but no one knows better than his parents what is right and wrong for their daughter. That’s why at the time of marriage, King George told a guest-

I am shocked by Prince Philip’s decision. He knows what he‍or is doing but still he wants it. He knows that one day Elizabeth will be Queen and that she will just be the person who goes with her. I think this is more difficult than being a king.

Love and respect lasted for 75 years

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