The mystery of the Shraddha case is getting complicated! Till now neither Ala-e-Katl nor the head has been found

Shraddha Murder Case: An atmosphere of anger seems to be building up across the country regarding the Shraddha murder case. Somewhere there is a demand for the hanging of accused Aftab, and somewhere there is talk of his direct encounter. After the Shraddha murder case came to the fore, people belonging to many religions blamed the western culture while many blamed the live-in relationship. To sum it up in clear words, anger is being seen in the country regarding the case and there is a demand to give justice to Shraddha by giving the harshest punishment to the accused.

13 bones recovered

However, the police have found 13 bones from the forest. It is not yet confirmed whether it is of Shraddha or of some animal. DNA sample of Shraddha’s father has been taken for investigation, the results of which are yet to come.

Shraddha pieces made in 10 hours

According to police sources, during interrogation, Aftab told that for about 10 hours he used an electric saw on Shraddha’s body and cut it into pieces. He also tried to burn Shraddha’s face to hide her identity. 

Drink beer after chopping Shraddha into pieces…

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