The people of Banda are facing water shortage in the scorching heat, the officials seem careless

Water Problem in Bundelkhand Banda: People in Banda of Bundelkhand are currently facing a double problem. On one hand, where the temperature is wreaking havoc, like every year, this time too, with the beginning of May, the water problem has started in many areas of the city. People are struggling for a bucket of water. At the same time, the responsible officials are claiming a solution to the problem after a few days.  At this time in Banda, where the mercury has crossed 47 degrees on one side, the problem of water has increased the problems of the people. Especially in Bengali Pura, Muniya Mohal, Choti Bazar, Sutra Khana, people are facing water shortage these days. Although water is being supplied through water tankers of Jal Sansthan in some localities, but local people believe this problem is not new to them. 

Problem starts as soon as summer starts 
Local people say that water problem starts every time summer starts and this problem has been happening for almost 5 years. is going on. For which he has also met the officials of the department many times but the problem has not been resolved yet. Local people say that their daily routine has been disturbed due to water problem, they wander here and there for water or look after their other work. 

Soon the problem will be solved
On the other hand, Executive Engineer of Jal Sansthan, Ganga Sagar Sonkar says that due to some tubewell failure, as well as in the construction of Bundelkhand Expressway. Due to the damaged lines, there has been a problem of water in some localities. The work of laying new lines is going on and the problem will be resolved soon. He said that in the localities where water problem is reported, water is being supplied through tankers. Damaged pipelines are also being repaired immediately on receipt of information.

XEN sahib gave strange statement
XEN sahib has given strange statement regarding water problem. He said that due to Corona period for 2 years, people did not go anywhere, if they stayed at home, then their requirement was less and this year people are also going out, running coolers, washing roads, due to this the requirement has increased but We’re covering that.

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