The prices of lemons are touching the sky, green chillies and vegetables are also showing attitude, know what is the reason

Repeated increase in fuel prices in the last 12 days has affected people in every way. This has not only increased the cost of their daily travel, but has also affected their food bills. The increase in fuel prices has led to an increase in transportation costs in many parts of the country, due to which the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing. Due to this, the sellers of vegetables as well as the customers are facing the brunt of inflation. 

The cost of a lemon in Delhi is more than Rs.10 

The price of lemon in Delhi ranges from Rs.300 to Rs.350 per kg. That is, even in Delhi, the cost of a lemon is more than Rs 10. Delhi is witnessing record heat since the month of March, in such a situation lemon-water has become a luxury drink for common people amidst the scorching heat. In Hyderabad, a vegetable vendor said that earlier he used to buy a whole sack of lemon for Rs 700, but now its cost has gone up to Rs 3,500.

Rice per kg of lemon in the states

Delhi- Rs.350
Surat- Rs.300
Uttarakhand- Rs.350
Nagpur- Rs.300
Jaipur- Rs.400
Noida- Rs.428
Haryana – Rs.420
Mumbai- Rs.320
Kolkata – Rs.300

Chilli living in cities along with lemon is also being sold at an expensive rate. The price of green chillies in Bangalore had gone up to Rs 120 per kg two days ago. At the same time, one kg of green chillies in Delhi is more than the cost of one liter of petrol. Memes are also being shared on social media regarding the rise in lemon prices. One user wrote that now bikes and cars will have stickers instead of real lemons and peppers. 

Per Kg Vegetable Price in Delhi-

Tomato – Rs 40-45 
Gourd – Rs 40
Potato – Rs 25
Watermelon – Rs 30
Lemon – Rs 350
Capsicum – Rs 100< br />Onion – Rs 40

Increased prices of all vegetables in Uttarakhand

Food prices at the highest level around the world

War in Ukraine largely responsible

Russia- The war in Ukraine has pushed up the prices of food items such as grain and vegetable oils and caused large-scale supply disruptions. The Food and Agriculture Organization said the war in Ukraine was largely responsible for a 17.1 percent increase in the prices of grains, including wheat, oats, barley and corn.

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