The Sri Lankan Prime Minister held the public responsible for the rising dollar

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa addressed the nation last night amid economic crisis and massive protests. In trying to maintain patience with the people of the country, the Prime Minister has provoked the people further. Prime Minister Rajapaksa has held the public responsible for the rising dollar.

Rajapaksa told the public, ‘We are losing dollars in every second of your protest.’ Rajapaksa sought time from the public to be patient and for the government to find a solution to the situation. The Prime Minister further said, ‘We are suffering losses in dollars every second due to your protest.’ Rajapaksa also alleged during this time that the protestors were insulting the Sri Lankan war heroes. “The war heroes who fought against the opponents of Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam are being insulted,” he said. Prime Minister urged the youth of the country not to do all this.

will do everything possible to get out of the crisis- Rajapaksa

Rajapaksa In his address, he also said, ‘We ended the war (with LTTE) to not put the people of the country in this situation. Highways were built so that people did not stand in queues. We built ports so that oil ships are not disabled. He further said, ‘We will do everything possible to get out of this crisis until we get dollars to pay them.’ He said, ‘My family and I have suffered the most humiliation during this time. But all of you are requested not to insult the war heroes who saved our country from terrorism. The Prime Minister also targeted the opposition and said that, to find a solution to the current crisis in the country, all the parties represented in the Parliament were urged to come together to find a solution but none came forward. He said that the solution of this crisis will not be in a day or two and also said that the government will make every effort to get out of it. 


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