The train journey from Mumbai to Goa is even more beautiful than the destination, the plains and rivers falling in the route will fascinate you

Mumbai To Goa Train: Travel by train will be done by almost everyone, because we go from one city to another city for some work or for travel. During this time we hope that our journey is pleasant, comfortable and happy. Along with this, while traveling by train, we also walk by looking at the beautiful railway routes falling on the way. We love the beautiful views of the railway routes. But do you know which is the most beautiful of all the beautiful railway routes in the country? If you do not know, then let us tell you. 

Beautiful journey from the destination
Train journey from Mumbai to Goa is considered to be the most beautiful in the country. This route is also beautiful than its destination of Mumbai and Goa. Actually, this train route passes through the Sahyadri ranges and the banks of the Arabian Sea, which can be called the most beautiful train ride. It is a journey between Mumbai and Goa, passing through tunnels, bridges, coastal peripheries, steps of the Western Ghats, numerous small rivers and lush green plains.

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Journey is more beautiful in monsoon
This train route looks even more beautiful during the scorching heat and rain. Mountains, lush green forests and waterfalls falling in the route of train travel in monsoon are made on sight. Passengers make these views an unforgettable moment by sitting on the window of the train. So if you want to travel from Mumbai to Goa, then you can go from Mumbai to Goa by train route, you will not feel disappointed during the journey.   

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