The trolley stopped suddenly, the night was cut by taking the name of God, Sandeep, who survived the Deoghar accident, narrated his ordeal

Deoghar Ropeway Accident: There is a saying that ‘Jako Rakhe Saiyan, Mar Sake Na Koi’. Such miracles keep happening in many big accidents. Something similar was also seen in the ropeway accident in Deoghar. In this accident, many people are fighting for life and death for more than 24 hours, but are still safe. A passenger named Sandeep, who was rescued from the trolley, shared his experience. What he told is heartbreaking.

The accident happened around 3.30 pm

Sandeep told that he was sitting in the trolley. 3 more people were sitting with him. Suddenly the trolley stopped at around 3.30 pm. They all felt that the light had gone out. Even after half an hour when things did not go well, he called the helpline number given in the trolley. From there it was told that some problem has arisen. Soon things will be fine and service will be restored. When the problem persisted even after 2 hours, he called again, then was informed about the accident.

#WATCH | 8 people have been rescued so far in the rescue operation. 40 more persons are yet to be rescued from ropeway site near Trikut in Deoghar, Jharkhand

— ANI (@ANI) April 11, 2022

CISF rescued by rope

11 people still trapped in trolley

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