The Ukrainian family would have been killed in a missile attack when they reached the station three minutes earlier, the taxi saved their lives.

Witnesses of Russia’s missile attack on a subway station in eastern Ukraine’s Ramtorsk city on Friday have begun to see eye-to-eye.

Members of the Sidorneko family, who were eyewitnesses, said they could have been one of at least 52 people killed in the attack or more than a hundred wounded. However, the taxi he had booked for the first time did not come. Due to this, he had to take another taxi, due to which he reached the station late and was saved from being attacked.’

Family member Ivan Sidorenko told that at 11 am on Friday, he had to catch the train being run for the safe evacuation of people, but the taxi by which he was supposed to reach the station did not come and it took time to get another taxi to reach the station. Felt, which saved him from being a victim of the attack.

Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Irna Vereshchak said Saturday it was planned to carry out evacuation operations by buses from ten corridors, while people were being evacuated by train from several other stations.

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