There is a need to immediately fix the flaws of the fast growing digital market in India – CCI

Digital Market In India: Chairman of Competition Commission of India Ashok Kumar Gupta says that the digital market in India is growing at the fastest pace and in the coming time it will be the growing market of Indian. Will make a big contribution to the economy. He also said that the digital market is expanding rapidly and it can become a big market, so the glitches in the market should be rectified immediately.

Market control is the cause of many concerns

Gupta said, "With India emerging as one of the largest and fastest growing digital consumer bases today, the distortions in its market need to be rectified immediately. To address enforcement and policy challenges in this regard, there is a need for regulatory frameworks to adapt and reflect the complexities of the digital market. To define it once again and about personal and non-personal data  Other dimensions of quality and confidentiality need to be added, as well as early detection of issues and rectification of errors quickly."

Digital market has many challenges

‘The digital market may face a downside risk, but..’

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