There should be no water logging problem after rain, this is the plan of Delhi government

Delhi Rain: Delhi Government has started preparations to prevent water logging in Delhi during monsoon.  In this regard, PWD is working to prepare such infrastructure by identifying various main water logging places in Delhi which will not allow water logging situation even during heavy rains. On Friday, Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister Manish Sisodia visited the water logging site in front of WHO building, IP Estate Ring Road, to inspect these preparations and asked the PWD officials for the preparations made to prevent water logging. Taking stock of the situation.

Preparations made by PWD to deal with water logging and inspecting the situation after the rains on Friday, Manish Sisodia said, "Last year this place had emerged as a new hotspot of water logging and people had to face lot of problems due to water logging. But this time taking cognizance before monsoon, some important steps have been taken by the Public Works Department to deal with the problem of water logging here."

Pump arrangements to avoid water logging
Sisodia added, "Our engineers have made all arrangements that this time there will be no problem of water logging anywhere in this area. He said that this time the road has been elevated by PWD so that there is no water logging here and a storm water drain has been constructed along with IPGCL’s plant for drainage.  In order not to face any kind of problem during the rainy season, 9 pumps have also been deployed here. Lakhs of liters of water can be removed immediately from this road even in heavy rains."

Water logging to be monitored by CCTV cameras
Usually Delhi receives maximum 25-30 mm of rain per day during monsoon But last year the city had recorded 110 mm of rain. Due to which the people of Delhi had to face the serious problem of water logging at many places. Taking cognizance of this, the Delhi Government has already started preparations to deal with the problem of water logging by identifying 7 areas with severe water logging, working on a war footing this year. According to the requirement of each waterlogged place, it is the construction of pumps with capacity of millions of liters, deployment of pumps, storm water drains, alert alarm systems, CCTV cameras etc. have been installed. To deal with water logging this year, PWD has also set up a Central Control Room from where 10 serious water logging places in Delhi will be monitored 24 hours a day through CCTV cameras.

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