There was an outcry from the sky disaster till America, Italy, Pakistan and India

Flood: Many countries around the world are battling the effects of floods these days. From America to Italy, Pakistan, there is a havoc of floods in India. While thousands of people lost their lives due to this sudden flood, on the other hand crores of people have become homeless. Rescue operation is going on in the affected areas. The situation has become so bad that there is a shortage of water and people are not getting food. 

Let’s see where the situation is…


10 people have died in the sudden floods in Italy while many people are missing. On Friday, in the Marche region of Italy, strong thunderstorms caused havoc in the surrounding areas. Due to this sudden rain, a situation like flood has arisen. Water was seen all around.  According to the information received from the rescue officials, a child is also included in the missing people. At the same time, dozens of people were seen trying to escape from the floods by climbing on the roofs of houses, trees when a situation like floods arose. President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi issued statements saying that necessary financial assistance would be provided to set up temporary housing for people displaced by the disaster, including repairing the damage from this flood.


Many cities of America have been scared for many days. The water of Death Valley is falling down the hill as a devastation. Flood waters have wreaked havoc in many parts of California, USA. The black debris seen in the picture is actually black because the water coming from the mountain is moving into the area where the fire broke out two years ago.

After heavy rains, the ground of the burnt area has submerged, due to which this picture was seen. The situation in these areas of America seems to be getting worse day by day. Water is stored outside the houses. If people are not able to leave their homes, then their life has become completely disturbed. 



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