There will be a big change in Facebook, now your ‘religion’ and ‘political view’ will not be asked

Facebook Update: Many big changes are going to happen in Facebook. The social media app is soon set to remove many things from the profile section, including religion, political views, address and interested in. Facebook has started informing its users about these changes. According to the report, this change will be seen in the Facebook profile from December 1. Information such as religion, political views, address and interested in appear in the bio and profile sections of users’ Facebook accounts. There are many users who hide the information given in it i.e. only me.

Change from December 1

Social media platform Facebook is removing the section of information about Interested In (female or male) and Religious Views from its platform from 1 December. The company is telling its users that from December 1, this information will not appear in your profile.

This change in Facebook has been first spotted by social media consultant Matt Navarra. Matt Navara has shared its screenshot with his Twitter handle. Also make it clear that no official announcement has been made by the company regarding this change. However, according to media reports, the company’s spokesperson has told that these changes are being made to make the social media platform easier to use.


Facebook is removing religious views and ‘interested in’ info from profiles from 1 December 2022

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 16, 2022

Can download your information

If you want, you can download this information from Facebook. For this you have to go to the About section of your profile. After this you have to  download these details by going to Basic Information.

Reason for change

According to the reports coming out, Facebook has decided to remove these details from the profile section to make the platform easier. Still there are many such details in Facebook, which have become old. These are not seen in new platforms like Instagram (Instagram) and TikTok (TikTok). The bio of new platforms is quite simple, in which users share only a little bit of their information. Let us tell you, in the early days of Facebook, users liked to share their information on social media, but now users want to share their information less on social media. 

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