These 4 things remove any kind of misunderstandings in the relationship

Understand Emotions- Your love is a human being before being a partner, so be sympathetic to them before starting anything. Try to understand their feelings. After understanding their feelings, you can put your point in front of them better.

Give enough time- Sometimes relationships get very complicated, so it takes some effort from your side along with giving full time to understand them. It is not always easy to understand the needs, mental state and desires of the partner. It may be that the thoughts that you have created for your partner may not actually be the same. So give your partner their full time too.

Feel the connection- Before solving every problem, definitely feel the connection of love. Nothing can be forced in love. In such a situation, to take the relationship forward, control yourself instead of others. No matter how many fights happen, always feel the connection of your love.

Give a chance to express feelings- To settle the matter you should listen more than speak. In such a situation, give a chance to the partner to express his point of view. Ask them what their problem is with you and what they want. Give your side only after listening to them leisurely.

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