These are the health and fitness apps for Android users

Health Tips Apps: It is very important to stay fit and healthy in today’s time, and for the same it is important to join a fitness club, attend a yoga class, register in the gym and much more. I think, but since the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, going to gym or fitness center is extremely risky. Hence, you can download a health and fitness app on your smartphone and keep track of your activity. Here we have listed some popular health and fitness apps that you can download on your Android phone.

Developed by Google, Google Fit is a commandable workout tracker app. The app marks the users’ speed, height, route, walking, running and other activities. In addition, the app maintains data on the number of steps and calories burned.

Those who do regular yoga can download this app and get daily tips and variations. In addition, the app provides instructions with tips and timers to keep track of exercise sessions, and not only that, the app includes a voice clip that focuses the user.

It is not just a fitness tracker app but also a gym trainer. Users get a free fitness plan that helps them stay active. Plus, the app includes 1300 detailed exercises.

The app helps you reach your health and fitness goals. HealthifyMe offers a Workout Tracker, Weight Loss Tracker, Water Tracker, Food Tracker, Sleep Tracker and Handwash Tracker. In addition, users also get non-device access to home workout videos including full-body workouts and yoga workouts.

This is one of the best fitness app which helps you to lose weight and also tells you what to eat and what not to eat. The app includes a database of more than 6 million food products. In addition, it has many other features such as food insights, restaurant logging, recipe importer, calorie counter, and more.

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