These birds bring the message of monsoon, hunting is fined, know their specialty

Gariyaband News: In Chhattisgarh’s Gariyaband district, open bill stark birds have started coming with the message of monsoon. A large number of them have reached Lachkera village of the district. Villagers consider the arrival of this bird as a sign of happiness. Apart from this, killing this bird is prohibited in the area. Even if someone does this, the villagers impose a fine on him as well as a complaint is made in the police station.

Birds bring the message of monsoon
Actually the monsoon has started in the state. With this, the open bill stark bird settles in the plains after traveling long distances. In this episode, like every year, this year also a large number of open build stark birds have reached Lachkera village of Gariaband district. After the arrival of the birds, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the village. The villagers are saying that now is the time to start preparing for the Kharif crop. After the arrival of the birds, it will rain now.

Killing birds attracts fine
The villagers consider the birds coming along with the monsoon as auspicious. Because after this the farmers start preparing for farming. Due to their arrival, these birds save the crop from insects. The fertilizer power of the field also increases with their feces. Due to this the crop is good, the crop is saved from diseases. That is why the villagers call this bird a friend bird. At the same time, the villagers also bear the responsibility of protecting these birds.

Why the bird got the name Open Build Stark 
It is noteworthy that in Chhattisgarh the Open Build Stark bird nests in the trees around Mahanadi and its tributaries. makes. Farming is also done in these areas, so birds also get sufficient amount of fodder. Wildlife photographer Abhinandan Tiwari told that he got the name Open Bill Stark because there is a gap between his beaks. Even after the beak is closed, it can be seen through the middle of the beak.

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