These measures will not make the diabetic patient dizzy, know

Even if your sugar level is low, you can come with dizziness. Apart from this, due to hypertension, d‍hydration or effect of drugs in diab‍cities can cause dizziness or see‍ Diabe‍itis has a bad effect on many‍s‍sons of the body. Due to this, many symptoms can be seen which can be seen, out of which it is also a problem to come round. To overcome the problem of vertigo during diab‍cities‍zwj;e simple home remedies‍kho can be used.

  • eat amla- diabe‍eat gooseberry after getting dizzy‍in amla and‍tami‍N C and w‍ttam‍Amla is present in the‍ days of cold I‍find but you can preserve it in the form of pickle or murabba‍bay. By consuming Amla, the blood flow is good and zwj; or the problem of dizziness is not found in the caste; Eat.
  • Breathe Deep- Tell an easy home remedy when you get dizzy, then you take a deep breath, take a deep breath or deep breath‍ing ex‍doing the exercise to the‍mind is enough‍ta ox‍season It reaches that‍by which‍taxes stop and you get‍relax. Apart from this, you should also include ‍zwj;dimension‍include‍vitamins‍nin A, fiber, folate, iron etc‍d nutrients&zwj‍‍"text-align: justify;">eat ginger- diabe‍eat ginger when it comes to vertigo; The cycle‍the problem of coming to‍or the new‍will‍"text-align: justify;">Eat lemons- Lemons contain and‍Titam‍Insulin, it not only increases‍Immunity ability but also it gives body&zwj in hydration and during dizziness‍ I‍get comfortable. When you get dizzy, mix lemon juice in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it.
  • eat honey- h‍those people who have the problem of sugar, due to their low sugar level, they tend to get dizzy, which‍to avoid‍you should replace sweet things Want to consume honey‍ By consuming honey, the body gets energy, due to which the blood sugar level remains under control.

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