These symptoms are visible on the face due to vitamin C deficiency, do not ignore

Vitamin C For Skin: Vitamin C is also very important to make our skin healthy and beautiful. Vitamin C is good for the health of eyes, hair and skin. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin C in the body, then the immunity power of the body also starts weakening. Its effect is also visible on your teeth and nails. At the same time, due to deficiency of vitamin C, many symptoms are also seen on the skin. In such a situation, ignoring them can create trouble for you. Many times people do not recognize why this is happening to them. As a result, many serious problems can occur. Today we are telling you about such problems related to skin which are caused by deficiency of Vitamin C. 

Why is Vitamin C necessary for the body 
Vitamin C is very important to keep the body healthy. It is a vitamin that is water soluble. You need daily vitamin C. You can fulfill the deficiency of Vitamin C in the body through food. For this, include fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs rich in vitamin C in your diet. Sometimes a genetic disorder and metabolic disturbances also cause vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency is more in people who work out more, are diabetic patients or who have high blood pressure problems. 

Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency on the skin

1- Dry lifeless skin- If your skin remains very dry and lifeless. If the upper layer of the skin has become dry, then it can be due to deficiency of vitamin C. However, sometimes changing the weather or drinking less water also causes dryness in the skin. If you have very dry skin, see a dermatologist. 

2- Delay in healing feelings- Due to deficiency of Vitamin C, many times it takes time to heal injuries and wounds. Many times people do not understand the reason for this, but if there is less vitamin C in the body, then it heals the injury in days. This can be a sign of vitamin C deficiency on the skin.

3- Wrinkles- People whose skin is very dry, their face starts getting wrinkles quickly. If the dryness of the skin increases more and wrinkles also appear on the skin, then understand that this is a serious deficiency of Vitamin C. At the same time, due to lack of vitamin C, the skin around the eyes also starts shrinking. These are all symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency. 

4- Skin Rashes- Due to lack of Vitamin C in the body, rashes start on the skin. Some people may see small red patches on the skin. All these symptoms indicate a deficiency of Vitamin C in the body.

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