Thirsty Delhi amid scorching heat, not getting enough water even from Jal Board’s tankers

Water Crisis in Delhi: Amidst the scorching heat in Delhi, people in different areas are facing the problem of water. Due to lack of water in many areas, the problems of the people have increased. Apart from drinking, people are not getting water for their daily needs. In such a situation, many times people are compelled to buy water. Many people are living by the tanker of Delhi Jal Board. People are longing for water in areas like Vivekananda Camp, Peshwa Road JJ Camp, RK Ashram Marg, Mandir Marg in Chanakyapuri.

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It becomes very difficult to get water in the crowd. People say that earlier water used to come in the morning and evening, but as the heat increased, the water stopped coming. Now a lot of problems have arisen for the people. People have to struggle a lot for every single bucket of water. Some people are buying and drinking water, while some people are forced to live like this. The problem of water remains in the rest of Delhi as well. Water crisis has deepened in many areas of Tughlakabad assembly.

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