This black hole discovered by scientist has the power to swallow the galaxy

Demon BlackHole : Scientists have come to know about such a black hole, whose size is increasing every second as much as the size of our Earth‍V. This is quite frightening, because no other black hole grows so fast. According to the information, the mass of this giant black hole is 3 billion times the mass of our Sun. History suggests that other black holes of this size stopped growing billions of years ago, but they are still expanding. This b‍Lack hole is also about 500 times larger than the Sagittarius A b‍Lack hole present in the heart of our galaxy‍c. This black hole is so powerful that it can swallow an entire galaxy like a giant.

This blackhole has been discovered in a survey conducted at the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia. Although scientists have described this discovery as a needle in a haystack. Looking for such objects, but no one noticed this astonishing black hole. The research paper related to this discovery has been presented in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Australia. but the preprint version is made available‍zwj; via thearXiv database.

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