This home remedy is the surest cure for stomach ache, no need of English medicines

Ajwain in stomach ache

  • There is a pain in the stomach or there is a problem of pain due to gas. Or you do not even know the reason for stomach pain. Take one-fourth teaspoon of carom seeds and consume it. It will definitely feel bitter after chewing it but it will get relief soon. But if you are not able to chew and eat, then swallow with water.
  • If there is pain in the stomach with cramps, then you should consume carom seeds with lukewarm water. You will get relief soon.
  • In case of stomach pain, applying asafoetida in the navel also gives relief. For this, take a little asafoetida and mix it with a few drops of water and take some cotton and soak it in this water of asafoetida and apply it in the navel. This recipe also gives quick relief.

Stomachache and Nausea

  • If there is a problem of nausea along with stomach pain, then in this situation you should also eat black salt along with a quarter teaspoon of carom seeds. Within a few minutes your mind will be completely fine.

Irritation on chest

  • If there is a problem of burning sensation on the chest after eating spicy or fried food, then you should eat 1 gram of carom seeds with 1 almond kernel. You will get instant relief from this.

The problem with milk, flour and sweets

  • The digestive system of some people is very sensitive and they often have problems after eating certain things. These include regular things like flour, milk and any sweets. If you also have stomach ache, motion or indigestion problem after eating any such food, then you should eat one-fourth spoon of carom seeds after eating food. You will benefit.

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