This is the ‘dress code’ for the royal family at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, know the rules

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, strict royal protocol has been followed in all state ceremonies, from burial to tribute. The ‘dress code’ of the royal family at the funeral of the Queen on Monday; It is also happening according to the predetermined tradition.

This is ‘dress code’
‘Buckingham Palace’ The Queen’s three children, King Charles, Prince Edward and Princess Anne, will all wear military uniforms and hold medals as serving members of the royal family. The Queen’s grandson Prince William will also be in military uniform. Women will come wearing black clothes and caps while men will wear black coats. Serving members of the royal family traditionally wear military uniforms, while non-serving men wear coats, as seen last year at the funeral of the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip.

Hence the controversy?
‘Metro’ According to the newspaper, before this funeral, the royal ‘dress code’ was changed. There have also been some controversies regarding the decision of ‘Buckingham Palace’ initially announced that Prince Harry would not be allowed to wear his military uniform as he had decided to step down from his duties.

What’s the Rule
Buckingham Palace has announced that Prince Andrew will only attend the funeral ceremony at Westminster Hall as a ‘special mark of honour’. Will wear his uniform. ‘Metro’ The newspaper reported that at the request of his father, King Charles, Harry would wear his uniform the following evening when the Queen’s grandchildren were mourned by the Queen.

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