This meat element is found in abundance from veg food, it is very important for physical growth.

Protein Rich Best Veg and Non-veg Food: Meat element is very important for physical growth because it is needed in the formation of everything from nails to skin, muscles, bones and hair. Meat element does not mean non-veg at all, but it can be obtained from both non-veg and veg foods. Learn here what is the meat element, why it is necessary for the body and from which important foods it can be obtained…

what is meat element?
meat element is nothing but the Hindi name of protein. Protein in Ayurveda is also called meat element. The reason for this is that proteins have a very important role in the formation and development of muscles, skin cells, body tissues, blood, etc. in the body. We have already told you about this that protein is not of any one or two types, but there are only 10 thousand types of proteins in our body. You can click here to know more about this. 

If we remove the matter of Types and talk about Category of Protein, then protein can be divided into two parts. A class protein and B class protein. These are divided on the basis of which protein is digested in our body how fast. There is no difference in the quality of protein in this. Because they are all high quality proteins.

How to get A class protein?

  • Ghee (Desi Ghee)
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Meat
    Protein from these foods gets digested faster in the body and is rapidly absorbed by the intestines.

B class protein
From pulses and vegetables Proteins are called B-class proteins. Because the protein obtained from them is digested late as compared to the protein obtained from ghee, milk, egg and meat and it also takes time for the intestines to absorb it.

Which contains the most protein?
Speaking of non-veg, eggs contain the most protein. This is because it contains all 20 types of amino acids found from all proteins and essential enzymes. If we talk about veg food, then desi gram has the most protein. Therefore, vegetarian people can fulfill the protein requirement in their body by consuming ghee, milk as well as desi gram.

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