This method of pinning location on Google Map can be useful for you

Google Maps Feature: Google Maps has recently launched many new features, including features like estimated toll price, real time traffic status. After the launch of all these features, it seems that Google Maps is not just a navigation app, which helps users to reach from point to point, but it is more than that. One of the features the app offers is that you can pin the location.

This feature will really come in handy when you do not know a location or it is away from the road network. The Dropping Pin feature has been made available for Android, iOS and desktop users.

How to pin a location

To pin a location, you can go to Google Maps on Android, iOS and Desktop and follow these steps.

  • First open the Google Maps app
  • Now long tap on the location, after that you will see a red pin at that location
  • Now you will see the location selected below A bunch of options will appear for
  • after you "direction", "start" You can start navigating by tapping on the
  • users to pin location on other social media platforms including WhatsApp "save" And "share" You can also label this pin location on the app by clicking on the label option if you want."text-align: justify;">You can also save pin location in three categories: Favorites, Want to go, and Starred places. 

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