This organization took responsibility in the case of shooting down Pakistani army helicopter

Pakistani Army Helicopter: Baloch organization has taken full responsibility in the case of shooting down a Pakistani Army helicopter. The Baloch organization said that their fighters shot down this helicopter with a Stringer missile. BRAS spokesperson Baloch Raji Ajoi Sangar Baloch Khan has issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. This statement was issued late on Tuesday evening. It said that on August 1, our fighters targeted a Pak Army helicopter when it was doing a low fly between the mountains of Windur and Noorani. After the attack, the helicopter fell in the Musagoth area, in which General Sarfaraz and other 5 people were killed. 

Our fighters hit the target accurately at the right time
Spokesperson Baloch Khan said in the statement that General Sarfaraz was the DGMI & IG Frontier Corps in Balochistan. Our fighters hit the right target at the right time and were sent back to the right place at the right time. We will continue such attacks in the future and will continue for the sake of our motherland. Our organization will continue to attack till the Pakistani army is not removed from here and we will not get freedom. 

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Baloch organizations were targeted by General 
At the same time 6 people including Commander Sarfaraz were on board the helicopter killed in the attack. General Sarfaraz was at this time the commander of the 12th Corps and was entrusted with the task of controlling the terrorists in Baloch. General Sarfaraz played an important role in killing many people of Baloch Liberation Army and other Balochi organizations in many operations. Local organizations have also been accusing Sarfaraz of forcibly taking away many boys from home in Balochistan. This is the reason why General Sarfaraz was on the target of Baloch organisations. The Baloch Liberation Army had been planning for a long time to kill Sarfaraz.

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