This special ‘weapon’ is being used by the Ukrainian army to defeat Russia in the war, you will also surrender

Russia Ukraine Conflict: The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a long time. It has been almost 7 months since this war went on and there does not seem to be any hope of ending it in the recent past. The day Russia attacked Ukraine, it did not even think that the war would go on for 7 months or more. Repeatedly he threatened to end everything in 2-3 days.

Patriotism is awakened by music

what’s in the video

In this video you will see that many Ukrainian soldiers are sitting in a forested area, while some are standing. One of the standing soldiers is professional musician Moisei Bondarenko, who is currently serving as a soldier in the war. Because Moisey Bondarenko is a professional musician, his command over music is amazing. He is seen playing the beautiful beat of American singer Billie Eilish’s Lovely on Violin to infuse positivity and good spirit amongst his other soldiers.  He has taken the responsibility of keeping the confidence of his teammates high by playing different beautiful tunes. 

Viral on social media too

This video going viral has been shared by a Reddit user named Migoodenuff. It features a Ukrainian soldier named Moisey Bondarenko playing a beautiful tune from American singer Billie Eilish’s Lovely on Violin. In the video, a large group of soldiers is seen sitting on the ground enjoying music. This heart touching music and video are also being liked by social media users. 

millions of likes

This video was posted on September 16 and has so far garnered over 99,000 likes, while 68 people have given multiple comments. Some people are saluting Moisey Bondarenko. At the same time, Moisi Bondarenko told that before the war Vag lived in Kyiv and was in an orchestra. He told that the day the war broke out, we had to do a concert in Mykolaive. Now playing it for the country.

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