This team of India working on making robots that feel like humans

ISRO Chairman Professor Somnath S. Came to Varanasi to attend the convocation of IIT BHU. This was the second time in 32 years that he came to Varanasi. He also talked about the technology of future robots there that he told that the Indian Space Research Organization is working on such a technology of robots, after which robots will also behave like humans. He will understand the feelings of humans and will also do Mann Ki Baat with them.

He talked about robots in the context of Mission Mangal. He said that in Mission Mangal, India not only has to be successful but also has to reach the top. That’s why he said that we should make such robots, they should not only work in space, but also feel the environment and situation there like humans. He said that the robot option is also good so that the mission costs less. 

How do such robots
Robots move like humans. Can understand and can also understand the expressions of human beings. It can also answer questions through artificial intelligence programming. Such robots have two special parts, which help them to react and move like humans. These two parts are – sensors and actuators. Understand the environment. Devices like cameras, speakers and microphones are controlled by sensors only. Robots do the work of seeing, speaking and hearing with their help. It has a special type of motor actuator, which helps the robot to walk like a human and move hands and feet. With the help of actuators, robots can perform special actions as compared to normal robots.

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