This time make Chaulai laddus in Navratri, there are many benefits by eating it

Navratri is about to come, in such a situation, in every house someone keeps a fast, so for Navratri, one has to think every day to make fruits to eat, if we talk about sweets, then there should be something that was made in the beginning days. If you go for nine days, then you can make laddus of amaranth and jaggery for fasting, eating it also benefits health. Eating amaranth and jaggery laddus can not only keep bones strong, but stomach problems can also go away. Note that during Navratri, the amaranth laddus are consumed by the fasting people.

Ingredients for making Chaulai Laddu

  • Rajgira – 150 g
  • Jaggery – 250 g
  • water -1 cup
  • Ghee – 2 tsp
  • raisins – 2 tsp
  • Cashew – 2 teaspoons

How to make Chaulai Laddu

1- To make amaranth laddus, first put 1 tsp of Rajgira seeds in the pan, keep stirring them continuously and after roasting, take them out in a separate plate, taking care that they do not burn.

2- After this, when the amaranth swells, take it out in a plate.

3- Now filter the roasted grains in a sieve.

4- Now put ghee in a pan, add jaggery, add some water and let the jaggery melt.

5- After melting the jaggery, add amaranth seeds to the syrup. Add raisins and cashew nuts together and mix well and switch off the gas.

6- Now apply some water on the hands and make laddus by taking the mixture a little in the hand.

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