This veteran villain of films has a special connection with Shriram, will be shocked to know

Happy Birthday Raza Murad: Raza Murad, who entered Bollywood in the year 1972 with the film ‘Ek Nazar’, has turned 72 today. Raza Murad, born in the year 1950 in Rampur, has a very special connection with Lord Shri Ram. On the occasion of Raza Murad’s 72nd birthday, let us know what is the connection of this veteran actor of Hindi film industry with Shriram.

The connection between Raza Murad and Shriram

Raza Murad, who has made a great identity as a villain in the film industry, has a special attachment to Shri Ram and says that if the first three letters of his name are added, then Ram (RAM) will be formed.

used to act in Ramlila

Raza Murad’s love for Shri Ram can only be said that he has been showing his acting prowess many times in Ramlila held in Ayodhya. The audience present there likes his performance a lot.

Ram in famous character

Two characters played by Raza Murad in his film career are always remembered. The first role is of ‘Bhargav Chowdhary’ and the second role is of ‘Sarjon’. Let us tell you that both these characters are from the films ‘Ram Teri Ganga’ Maili and ‘Ram Lakhan’ and here too Shriram is with them. Apart from this, the name of the person who offered him the first film was Babu Ram Ishara.

Film Career

Raza Murad has been active in the film industry for a long time. In his career, he has worked in films like ‘Ram Teri Ganga Maili’, ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’, ‘Prem Rog’, ‘Henna’. And has shown the wonder of his acting in more than one brilliant films like ‘Padmaavat’.

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