This video of PM Modi raised the election mercury in Gujarat, Congress will approach the National Commission for Children

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022: Political infighting is at its peak in Gujarat. All political parties are exerting their might in the election campaign. Congress and BJP are also constantly working hard here to defeat each other and capture power. Now here the Congress has created a ruckus regarding a viral video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Congress says that it will complain about the matter to the National Commission for Children. In the video, a girl is enumerating the achievements of BJP while giving a speech with PM Modi.

Video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In the video, a girl is giving a speech in Gujarati language in support of BJP in increasingly effective words. PM Narendra Modi is also present with the girl. He is surprised to hear the speech of the child. Now this video has increased the election temperature in the state. 

National Commission for Children will go to Congress 

Congress leaders will now go to the National Child Commission and complain against PM Modi regarding this matter. Earlier, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights had objected to Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra bringing children, then the Congress had called it unnecessary, but after the video of Modi with the little girl came to the fore, the Congress has become an aggressor. .

The girl listed many achievements of BJP 

In the viral video, the girl has put BJP’s scarf around her neck. She starts giving speech in favor of BJP. During this, she counts the achievements of BJP while speaking on various topics including Ram Mandir, Statue of Unity in Ayodhya. Prime Minister after listening to the speech Narendra Modi is also seen appreciating the girl and gives his autograph on the saffron scarf around her neck.

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