This village of Bihar became Nazir, not a single FIR has been registered in the police station since independence.

Jehanabad: You will be surprised to know that there is a village in Bihar’s Jehanabad which is an example for the peace-loving people of the area. After independence in Dhautal Bigha village of Ghosi block of the district, till date no one has gone to the police station regarding the mutual dispute. If any person fights among themselves in the village, then no FIR is registered in the police station. When there is a dispute here, the elders of the village settle the dispute among themselves.

The unique story of the village

This village with a population of about 120 houses is an example for the people of the area. This village, located just five kilometers from the Ghosi block headquarters, is completely different and unique from today’s era. Elderly people of the village Jagdish Yadav, Nandkishore Prasad, Sanjay Kumar said that the village is built on the formula of unity in such a way that even in the panchayat elections, the elections are won unopposed from the post of ward and panch.

Even if there is a dispute about something in the village, it is settled among themselves. Till date no such big, complicated and serious kind of dispute has happened in the village. To solve which there was a need to go to the police station or court. Minor disputes are settled by taking the initiative of the elders of the village. Some elders of the village intervene immediately when there is a dispute among themselves. Reconciliation is done by persuading both the parties.

Controversy over goat farming left this work

It is told that 50 years ago there was a dispute about a goat here. After this the villagers gave up goat rearing. Jagdish Yadav, an elder of the village told that 50 years ago goat rearing was the root cause of the dispute in the village. Hundreds of villagers used to rear goats, but then the villagers unanimously repented from goat rearing which became the center of controversies.

Chief told this unique tradition

Panchayat head Vijay Saav told that this is a very good tradition for any village. People of other villages should also try to solve the dispute among themselves in the same way. I will try from my level to honor some responsible elders and social workers of the village.

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