Those three leaders of Rajasthan on whom Congress President Kharge is unable to take action? questions are arising

Rajasthan News: One word has been resonating a lot in the government and Congress of Rajasthan for the last two months. ‘High Command’. Everyone is seen shouting the name of the high command. But there are three such leaders of Rajasthan Congress on whom the high command’s grip seems to be loose. When will the high command take action against those three leaders who have insulted the high command and also refused to obey them. Due to no action against cabinet ministers Mahesh Joshi, Shanti Dhariwal and Dharmendra Rathore, there has been a ‘trouble’ in the Congress here. Slowly, the ‘spark’ of rebellion has also started rising. Resignations have also started happening in this episode. State Vice President of Youth Congress Rakesh Meena has also resigned. If sources are to be believed, there may be more resignations if action is not taken against these three leaders. It is discussed that on the one hand no action is being taken against them and on the other hand Gehlot has also given them the main responsibility. Come let’s know their full story.

Shanti Dhariwal has caused ‘disturbance’

Shanti Dhariwal is the North Kota Legislative Assembly ) is the MLA from the seat. He is a member of 11th, 13th and 15th Legislative Assembly. He also became an MP from Kota Lok Sabha seat in 1984 on a Congress ticket. Since then, Dhariwal has become MLA thrice from Kota North. The interesting thing is that when Congress comes to power in Rajasthan, Dhariwal wins the election and when it loses, it loses. 79-year-old Dhariwal is considered to be the most special of Ashok Gehlot. On September 25, a meeting was called at Dhariwal’s house and this matter was confirmed. After that incident Dhariwal got a notice but till now the high command has not taken any action. Questions have started to arise?

Joshi filled the rebellious ‘Josh’

Cabinet minister Mahesh Joshi won Congress ticket from Jaipur in the year 2009 He has also been a member of the Sabha. He is the MLA from Hawamahal Vidhansabha seat. Now they have  It is the water supply department of the Government of Rajasthan. And in the year 2019, he was made the Chief Whip in the Legislative Assembly. Mahesh Joshi is considered special of Ashok Gehlot. But Chief Whip Mahesh Joshi had received a show cause notice on 6 October. And he had time to reply till October 15, but Mahesh Joshi has sent his reply to the Congress Disciplinary Committee on October 10 within 5 days of receiving the notice. Sources reveal that it was Joshi who inspired the ‘revolt’ against the high command on September 25.

Rajasthan Weather Update: Mercury falling rapidly in these districts including Jaipur-Churu, no respite from cold for next few days Dharmendra became Rathore

Dharmendra Rathore is active in Alwar district. According to Jankari, he asked for assembly election ticket from Bansur seat of Alwar twice but did not get it. Still, he has contested as an independent from Bansur. Gehlot was the chairman of Rajasthan State Seed Corporation in the previous tenure of the government and is now the chairman of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Limited (RTDC). He manages the political programs of Ashok Gehlot. The management of the political drama of September 25 was also handled by Dharmendra Rathore. That’s why AICC issued show cause notice to them as well. Dharmendra, close to CM Gehlot, is a resident of village Bilali in Bansur area of ​​Alwar district. In the political ruckus here  Dharmendra Rathod looks like Dharmendra from the film ‘Sholay’.

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