Those who violate traffic rules by doing stunts are not well, action will be taken on sending videos

Durg Police: In Durg district of Chhattisgarh, stunt bikers and those who flout traffic rules are no longer safe. The Durg police has now come up with such a trick that action will be taken against those who perform stunts and violate traffic rules even in the absence of the police. It has been started by Durg Police.

Send video of stunts on this number, police will take action

Actually, Durg police has issued a WhatsApp number 94791-92029 saying that if someone does stunts on a bike, make a video of it and WhatsApp it on this number. Also, if anyone violates the traffic rules and drives a vehicle carelessly, make a video of it and write some details and WhatsApp it on this number. Police will take strict action against those people.
Durg SP Dr. Abhishek Pallav has appealed to the people to make a video of any bikers seen doing stunts and send them to the police. SP’s appeal is also having an effect. On Monday, the traffic police took action against two such people. While one of the bikers was doing stunts on the road, the other was looking cool on the mobile while driving the bus. Both of them have been fined by the traffic police.

Police has taken action against couple doing bike stunt

Let us tell you that a day ago the video of a couple romancing on a bike in the city went viral. The police also saw the viral video on social media. The police were also very angry at this type of act in the city and within 24 hours of the video going viral, the accused stuntman bike rider couple was caught. Another couple was also caught along with them. His class was also taken fiercely at Globe Chowk on Sunday night. During this, SP Dr. Abhishek Pallav appealed to the people to make videos of such bikers and send them to the police. SP Pallava had also released his number.

People made and sent videos of stuntmen, police took action

In a recent action taken by the Durg police on Monday, a bike rider was seen waving his motorcycle on the road. There is another bus driver who was looking at mobile while driving. Bus number CG 08 M 0301 on the Twitter page of Durg Police which runs between Durg to Rajnandgaon. Its driver Sanju Sahu was found using mobile while driving the bus over Shivnath river overbridge.
After informing the bus owner, action was taken under Section 184 of the Sub Motor Vehicle Act by bringing the traffic office to Nehru Nagar. Similarly, on the traffic helpline number, the first bullet number CG 07 CD 3823 of Maroda over bridge was received by the driver Naveen Kumar for deliberately waving the vehicle. After this, action was taken under sections 184 and 3/181 of the Motor Vehicle Act by bringing the vehicle and the driver to the Nehru Nagar traffic office. Both were fined Rs 3000 and Rs 2300 respectively. Also explained not to do such activities in future.

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