Those working on the computer should do this yoga everyday, the eyes will never be weak

Nowadays people spend the whole day on phones, laptops and computers. In such a situation, there is neither time nor concern for the eyes, but do you know that this lifestyle of ours has a bad effect on health. People who work on a computer or laptop for a long time, their eyes have started getting weak. Vision problems start occurring due to weak eyes. Due to this many problems like burning in the eyes, dryness, watery eyes start to occur. If you want to take care of the eyes, then do yogasanas related to the eyes along with the body. By doing regular yoga, eyesight will increase and other problems related to eyes will also go away. 

1- Looking to the side- To keep the eyes healthy, do this exercise whenever you get time. For this, you have to sit with your feet in line with the body. Now close the fist and raise the hands keeping the thumb up. Now look carefully at any one point in front of the eyes and then focus the pupils of the eyes from one edge to the other. Do this at least ten times. 

2- Eyes with palms- Do this whenever you take a break from work. For this sit with your eyes closed and take a deep breath. Now rub both the palms together vigorously. When the palms become hot, apply them on your eyelids. You have to do this 3-4 times.  

3- Blinking of the eyelids- It is very easy to do this yoga. You just have to close and open your eyes. Or say that while working, the eyes have to blink ten times rapidly. After doing this, close your eyes for about 20 seconds. You have to perform 3-5 times   You will get a lot of comfort while working with this.  

4- Looking in front- To do this yoga, sit with your feet forward. Now clench the fist of the left hand and take out the thumb above the fist. You have to keep the eyes focused on the left thumb and move it to the point at the height of the eye line and focus. You have to do the same process with the thumb of the right hand as well. Relax the eyes after doing this yoga.

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