Throat Pain: Due to these reasons, there is pain in the throat in summer, eating these foods will give relief

Throat Pain In Summer: Throat Pain In Summer: The problem of sore throat is not only in winters, but also in the summer season, the throat often gets worse. The reason for this is the effect of heat and cold. After coming from scorching heat or sun, we often immediately go to AC or drink cold water from the fridge, due to these reasons there is a problem of sore throat or sore throat…

< p style="text-align: justify;">1. Honey
If there is pain in the throat, you should eat honey after licking it. Licking honey gives great relief to the throat. If there is a cough along with pain in the throat, then mix one-fourth spoon of liquorice powder in this honey and eat it after licking it. You can eat this mix two to three times a day.

2. Broth or soup 

You can prepare broth or soup of your choice. Just use basil leaves, a little ginger, turmeric and cloves in it. Tomato, gourd or any other vegetable you use to make this, they should be fresh.

3. Ginger
Like winter, ginger is also very beneficial in case of sore throat in summer. You eat it by sucking it like toffee. Put a very small piece in your mouth and eat it like candy.

4. Clove
Put cloves in your mouth and keep sucking it, you will get a lot of relief. Even if you are not able to sleep due to sore throat, you can lie down comfortably by putting cloves in your mouth. You will be relieved.

5. Hot lentils 
You eat hot lentils after frying them in garlic. While making lentils, fry it in garlic and then eat it slowly with the help of a spoon like soup or broth. Your throat will get instant relief.

6. Ice cream
Surprised to see its name, isn’t it… but friend it is true that just as iron cuts iron, the problem of sore throat and cold to some extent is also cured by eating ice cream. becomes. But condition is applied here, so avoid experimentation. You buy an ice cream brick and put some ice cream in a mixer jar and grind it by adding ginger, basil leaves, curry leaves and cinnamon. Now put it in the fridge for a few hours and then eat.


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